Corporate banking facilities

When a financial institution provides a company with a credit facility it is provided by either a tangible or intangible forms. Following is the list of tangible forms of facilities:

  1. Short term loan : 
    • General working capital
    • overdrafts
    • LC refinance
    • Invoice discounting
    • Direct payment to suppliers
    • Margin trading
  2. Medium term loans :
    • Project financing:
    • Capital expenditure (CAPEX)
    • Mobilization
    • Acquisition
    • Financial restructuring
  3.  Long term loan :
    • Project financing.
    • Green field projects: Project finance LTL to finance a new project.
    • Brown field projects: Project finance LTL to finance an existing project.
    • Financial restructuring. 



Intangible facilities - also known by contingent facilities – are when the bank guarantees a certain obligation on behalf of its client by providing a letter of guarantees (bid bond, performance bond, retention bond, advanced payment guarantees and payment guarantee) and/or letter of credit (sight LC or deferred LC), and the bank does not provide any direct cash to its client but takes the risk of payment if the company fails to meet its obligation.



A Treasury is considered to be a fundamental part of any banking structure. The Treasury offers variety of solutions to minimize the business’s risks and sometimes improve their income such as hedging, fixed income, interest rates, exchange rates, and commodities.



Most financial institution provides tools and solutions to help companies improve their cash management which ultimately help companies to grow. For example:

  • Payroll 
  • Cash deposits
  • Point of sales
  • Payment gateway

Financing journey

  • Study and analyze the need or not for financing
  • Determine the amount and type of finance
  • Select the lender


  • Submit the loan application
  • Provide the lender with the required documents
  • Prepare the credit proposal by the relationship manager 
  • Submit the proposal for credit approval
  • Reply to any inquirers raised by the credit department
  • Submit the credit proposal for the credit committees approval


  • All required document will be submitted once approval is obtained from the credit committee
  • Prepare the facility agreement
  • Signing the facility agreement



  • Implement the limits for utilization
  • Utilization will be inline with the terms stated in the facility agreement


  • Repayment will be stated in the facility agreement
  • Eysar can provide companies planning to obtain finance with the above stated services